Northwest Steelheading

About Northwest Steelheading

My name is Joe Ewing and I have been chasing the elusive Steelhead with a fly rod for over 20 years. My home river is the Skykomish River. This was the first river I fished, and it is the first river to produce my very first Steelhead; both caught and on the fly which was one in the same, mid-teens buck. Ever since that mid-April day over 25 years ago, I've been addicted to Steelhead fishing with the fly. Steelhead fishing to me is not a hobby, nor is it simply another fun thing to do to pass the time each weekend. It is an insatiable passion. A passion that can only be partially and temporarily cured by spending the day on the river, swinging for the bruisers in the cold waters of Washington.

I get asked many times over why did I become a guide. I decided to become a guide with a little bit of pressure from the great guys at Pacific Fly Fishers. Also to share my knowledge of the local rivers and Steelhead to those that have yet to experience the exhilaration of a Steelhead taken on the fly. The other main reason of taking up guiding is because the art of swinging flies for steelhead is being lost on today's fly fishermen. In a world of instant gratification patience has been lost when it comes to steelheading along with swung flies. All too often I hear some other guide telling me that they would rather be swinging that nymphing, but swinging is hard; its hard to teach; its hard to do. It takes skill to do both and if were always promising fish on a trip it would behoove most guides to stray to bobber and jig fishing with a fly rod because it can produce a fish much easier with much less knowledge needed to be productive.

I refuse to stoop to those levels just to get a fish, teaching someone the techniques to swing a fly for a fish setting them up for years of enjoyment on rivers; even if a fish isn't hooked on a trip they are usually found shortly after with the skills that I am able to teach on the river.

I look forward to working with you if you have been doing this for 20 years and are just wanting to get out on a new river or if this is your first trip with a fly rod in hand for these fish.